The Lie of the Land: Imagined

FOST Gallery is delighted to present a special edition of the annual group show, The Lie of the Land, in conjunction with Singapore’s National Day. As with past editions, the artworks are inspired by the urban and natural landscapes of Singapore. However, there will be two parts to the exhibition this year, Real and Imagined, each part will feature five artists working across different mediums. The second part, Imagined, focuses on abstract works inspired by topography and elements of the physical landscape, as well as works of illusory and non-existent locations; it will include works by Ng Joon Kiat, Donna Ong, Darren Soh, Jodi Tan, and Wyn-Lyn Tan.

Ng Joon Kiat’s Map Drawings series sit at the intersection of topography plotting and the painting process. Similarly, his impasto painting Dragon Vein, features a confluence of two elements: image (the Singapore map) and text which call to question the electoral boundary lines. Donna Ong’s perfectly lush tropical waterfall scene belies the digital manipulation in its composition, taking images of plants from different locations in Singapore and building an idealised but fictional version of a tropical landscape. Darren Soh’s dreamy night images of public housing playgrounds built in the 1970s, occur now only in our imagination because these playgrounds no longer exist as captured in his photographs. Jodi Tan’s labourious cross-stitched colour-block ‘paintings’ reference banal scenes she had randomly encountered. Wyn-Lyn Tan traces the geography of her nature walks around Singapore in her shaped wood abstract painting.

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