TABLET: New Paintings by Filippo Sciascia

Opening on Sat 13 Jan

4 – 7 PM    Aperitivo & Light Bites

5 PM           Opening Welcome by Dante Brandi, Ambassador – Embassy of Italy in Singapore

In an upcoming solo exhibition, Bali-based artist Filippo Sciascia showcases his latest series of photo-realistic paintings. A display of artistic mastery, these painstakingly crafted works feature a return to his iconic “cracked” painting series. Delving into his enduring fascination with light as an anthropological catalyst, Sciascia’s new body of works portray various scenes illustrating light’s pivotal role in the development of mankind’s technological progress. Aptly titled ‘TABLET,’ the exhibition spans both ancient and modern eras, symbolising the evolution of communication and technology. TABLET describes ancient clay stones with cuneiform inscriptions while also pointing to the medium of today’s digital mobile technology—through which, Sciascia weaves a visual narrative of humanity’s adaptive journey through time.


From his family’s re-location from Sicily to New York  in his teenage years, followed by his formal training in Florence, Italy, and now living more than half his life (25 years) in Bali, Sciascia’s work intricately encompasses this diasporic tapestry of migratory experiences. Amid the manifold influences of these different cultures that have shaped his practice, Greek-Arab’s oldest colony in the Mediterranean, his artworks evidently resonate with the echoes of archaeology and ancient history. They bear a profound connection to nature and spirituality, both deeply personal to the artist and universally resonant, reflecting the essence of his current home in Bali. These influences sit alongside the artist’s avid interest in keeping abreast with contemporary art ideas through literature, podcasts and the Internet. The role of light in his paintings unfolds as a unifying thread weaving together the history of evolution, technology,  communication, and, of course, the history of art. His masterful synthesis of these diverse narratives offers a perceptive exploration of universal themes.

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