Subtexts, Mapping Imaginary Territories by Yves Hasselmann

Known as an abstract painter, the French artist Yves Hasselmann has chosen a semi-figurative aesthetics for his new series of acrylic paintings titled “Subtexts”. He is also a talented pianist and “Subtexts” is composed like musical variations.

Black contours on yellow, beige and blue backgrounds allude to horizon lines, hills and mountains, crests and summits, as well as sea shores. The encounter between the air, the water and the earth suggests an “invitation au voyage”, that is an invitation to travel.

The same shapes are replicated many times in various sizes and hues in order to suggest an infinite horizon line. Each painting of the series reminds the previous one and heralds the next one. When all the artworks are displayed side by side we discover a large panorama mapped by the artist. However, there is neither a beginning nor an end in this series, which alludes to the wheel of life and an infinite cycle.

Created as a response to the confinement endured during the COVID-19 pandemic, “Subtexts” is a gigantic imaginary territory. It is both an invitation to escape from our everyday condition to find solace in our inner self and a reflection on the new world we have to live in.


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