Re-encounter: Guo Gong solo exhibition

<Qiē Wèn>, is a long-term project for artist Guo Gong. Since 2017, Guo has focused his practice on using materials such as stainless steel, stone, and wood. He experimented with these materials, at points painstakingly laying them out or meticulously stacking them up. The outcome of such transformations creates various textures; sometimes reflective, sharp, organic, or coarse and harsh. The demeanor of sculpting is aimed towards re-creation and unveiling the hidden internity.

<Qiē Wèn>, to the artist, has complex semantics, it looks to the dilatant nature of Chinese characters, but also addresses the simplicity of it being words of a modern language. <Qiē Wèn> poses itself as an open question. Guo Gong’s art displaces its concepts from the zeitgeist and acknowledges the artist’s discreet, private meaning. In the case of this exhibition, the answer to any question is to ask again, to cut open the question and realise that it is a trajectory of inquisition. This exhibition poses itself as a re-encounter with art, a continuum from the intricacy of cultural study to the refreshingness of visual impacts.

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