Mizuma Gallery is pleased to announce LHLLL, a two-person exhibition by Singaporean artists Luke Heng and Liu Liling, curated by Tan Siuli.

LHLLL brings into conversation the work of two artists, Luke Heng and Liu Liling. In their practices, both artists explore the possibilities of their respective mediums (painting and the photographic image) through processes that interrogate the formal and ontological limits of a constituent element. At the same time, their works question the boundaries and conventions of their respective mediums, oscillating between the two and three dimensional.

Conceived as a conversation in space, the exhibition eschews a title that may otherwise impose a definitive reading; instead it takes its name from the initials of the artists, which visually, suggest both the structural support and parameters of the frame that conventionally defines painting and photography. Here, the upper right half of the frame which would otherwise enclose the ‘grid’ is left open, suggesting an open-ended exploration.

LHLLL will run from 28 May to 26 June 2022. In conjunction with the exhibition, Mizuma Gallery will publish an e-catalogue with images of artworks by the artists and a curatorial text written by Tan Siuli.

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