Exhibition: Between Source and Cloud @EHL Campus Singapore – part of AGAS Gallery Weekend 2023

Group exhibition by Emi Avora, Hélène Le Chatelier, Chloë Manasseh, Nann Nann, Tamir, Thun Dina.
The exhibition encompasses contemporary calligraphy, dream like landscapes and Still Lives inspired by Asian identity.

Since the Tang Dynasty (618-906 A.D.) in China, the “Three Perfections” refer to poetry, calligraphy and painting (诗书画).

With calligraphic works by Tamir (Mongolia) and Hélène Le Chatelier (France), poetic paintings by Chloë Manasseh (UK, Israël) and allegoric artworks by Emi Avora (Greece), Nann Nann (Myanmar) and Thun Dina (Cambodia), Between Source and Cloud strives to offer “The Three Perfections’ to the viewers.

This event is part of AGAS GALLERY Weekend 2023. Guided tour will be organised from 22-24 September 2023.
Contact Intersections for more information and to register.

Venue: EHL Campus, 3 Lady Hill road, Singapore 258672

57 Eng Hoon St, Singapore 198892
+65 9798 5611

Opening hours:

By appointment