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Mizuma Gallery is pleased to announce : D, a solo exhibition by indieguerillas.

How often do we stop and take a deep breath, amidst our busy schedules, to take in the beauty of our surroundings? As a continuation to their 2021 exhibition, Cosmic Waltz, in Mizuma Art Gallery, Tokyo, indieguerillas sees the works in their new series as a collage of their moments of joy and gratitude, which documents all the little moments and simple things in their daily life that are otherwise overlooked and taken for granted. Through nine new works featured in the exhibition, including paintings, wall installations, and sculptures, indieguerillas reminds us to adapt and to be grateful for the little moments as we live in a world that is continually changing.

This series is a journal of our moments of fun, joy, and happiness that we experience and feel every day, starting from the routine that we do in the morning before entering the studio, to the things we do at night before going to sleep, everything is expressed in these works. So, this exhibition is sort of a collage of our moments of happiness.

How we savour the tiny moments and simple things that bring us joy and gratitude.
How we reconnect with our surroundings, seeing the beauty in things that are otherwise overlooked when our minds are anxious and busy.

We cultivate seeds of happiness starting from when we wake up,
no rush to leave the bed,
take a moment to
enjoy a deep breath,
then let the deepest part of our soul
be grateful to be alive, and
put a smile on our face : D

Then, the rest of day, we realise that the universe smiles back at us,

in forms of
the dawn chorus of birds,
the aroma of our first sip of morning coffee,
the warmth of sunshine greeting us on our skin,
flowers blooming at the beginning of rainy season,
butterflies and bees busily hunting for nectar in the blue trumpet vine flower petals,
the rays of sun filtered through leaves of trees, every time Miko sweeps away the dry leaves in the backyard,
feeling pleasantly sated after a simple lunch,
an afternoon break accompanied by a cup of tea while stretching after a long day.

This is also about how we live in a world that is constantly in flux.
We learn to adapt to changes, to be flexible, and to gain sufficient internal control. To have internal control, we need to take responsibility for our own happiness and spend every moment in silence to find fulfilment, happiness, serenity in what already lies inside of us, to be grateful that we are always blessed in every breath we take.”

– indieguerillas

: D, a solo exhibition by indieguerillas, will run from 13 January to 19 February 2023 at Mizuma Gallery, 22 Lock Road #01-34 Gillman Barracks, Singapore 108939. The gallery will open from 11am-7pm on Tuesdays to Saturdays, and 11am-6pm on Sundays. The gallery will be closed on Mondays and Public Holidays. In conjunction with the launch of the exhibition, an artist-led exhibition walkthrough will be held on Wednesday, 11 January, 12.30pm to 1.30pm. An opening reception will be held on Friday, 13 January, 7pm to 9pm. A digital publication featuring images of the artworks, and texts by Hendro Wiyanto and Nathan Gunawan will be available.

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