AGAS Group Show 2022: A World At Every Turn

The Art Galleries Association Singapore Group Show 2022 presents a selection of artworks by a single artist from each participating member of the association. With these galleries premising their choices on the significance of the artists’ practice in relation to the contemporary context, the exhibition coalesces a myriad of themes and subject matters reflective of the evolving visual arts landscape. 

Embracing the diversity arising from the works featured, the exhibition has been curated around the vision of expressing A World at Every Turn – a statement that simultaneously serves as the exhibition’s title. The title parallels the physical experience of encountering these artworks within the space, while espousing the notion of the ‘completeness’ of each work of art in representing the unique perspectives gleaned from being present in the world. 

Like how the galleries have placed their faith in the visions of the artists they have chosen to present, so too does the exhibition entreat audiences to thoroughly contemplate the ideas inherent in each work. As with how these artists have contended with a variety of considerations in their process of creation, perhaps we too may apprehend new ways of seeing and perceiving, shaping and moulding, the circumstances of our existence.   

The exhibition emerges as a tangible manifestation of the Art Galleries Association Singapore’s dedication to championing the promotion of art appreciation in the community. By way of its constitution, A World at Every Turn also reflects the solidarity of AGAS members that dedicate themselves to managing, representing, and presenting their artists to the public here and abroad. 

John Tung
Guest Artistic Director

Participating Member Galleries:

Intersections Gallery, FOST Gallery, Art Seasons, Chan+Hori Contemporary, Art-2 Gallery, STPI, Cuturi Gallery, Wetterling Teo Gallery, Gajah Gallery, Mizuma Gallery, Ota Fine Arts, Art Commune Gallery, Alliance Francaise , Sullivan + Strumpf, Sundaram Tagore Gallery

Venue: 7 Lock Road #01-13 Singapore 108935
Date: 14 – 23 January 2021
Opening Hours: 12 PM – 7 PM Daily