A Glimpse of Radiance from Under

FOST Gallery is delighted to present A Glimpse of Radiance from Under, Lavender Chang’s inaugural solo exhibition with the gallery.

Chang had developed these images over the past three years, based on the parameters she had set to embark on a journey – a walk to nowhere, or a bus ride to an unknown destination – and had taken pictures without purposefully framing them. The result is a series of everyday scenes that appear as otherworldly landscapes, created through long exposure settings that capture light and motion invisible to the eye. This approach follows the recurring themes in her practice that seek to reveal the imperceptible qualities of time, and its transience.

One of the greatest contributions of photography is its ability to accurately capture the world in all its forms. Correspondingly, notions of truth, (and indeed the opposite), have also been shaped by discourses surrounding the relationship between image-making and reality. The works of Lavender Chang, however, gently prod us to reconsider the value of images as principally one that lies in the portrayal of likeness or exactitude.

Chang’s works stem from a methodological approach that recognises the shifting dynamics between space and time, as well as chance occurrences which determine the outcome of her images. However much they depart from veracity, they are also a critical documentation of the seldom considered context of the photographic duration, which stands for the artist a legitimate element in reflecting the reality of the subject matters in her work.

Seen in the exhibition is her new series of works Don’t Walk In Front of Me, I May Not Follow (2021), which were created by mounting a moving medium format camera at the approximate height of seven inches above ground. Together with a selection of an earlier series, Floating Rays of a Wanderer (2019), the exhibition invites viewers to encounter time as an abstract and organic entity, as well as witness a transformation of the everyday; a glimpse of radiance from under.

This exhibition is curated by Michelle Ho, Director of ADM Gallery, School of Art, Design and Media School, Nanyang Technological University Singapore.

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