Fine Art Storage Services Private Limited

Fine Art Storage Services (FASS) is a tax-free and exclusive storage for arts, precious metals, and other collectibles. Located within Singapore Freeport, FASS’ storage options ranges from private rooms, shared storage, viewing rooms to wine cellars and safety deposit boxes. Our 24/7 climate controls and safety systems also ensure optimum storage conditions.


Additionally, we offer a wide range of art-related professional services including warehousing, packing and crating, inventory management, restoration and conservation. FASS’ expertise in the management of a diverse range of collectibles makes us the partner of choice for museums, private collectors, art dealers, banks, and auction houses, across the globe.

32 Changi North Crescent, Le Freeport, #03-00, Singapore 499643
+65 6543 5252

Opening hours:

By Appointment Only (Office: 9:30-18:00)

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