Voyages: Solo Exhibition by Oneal Parbo

In Room 65 of Cuturi Gallery, we enter the first solo exhibition of Singaporean artist, Oneal Parbo (b.1994) under c/discoveries, a programme dedicated to supporting and empowering the next generation of artists by giving back: For every artwork sold under our non-profit initiative, 80% of the proceeds go to the artist, while the other 20% will fund future artists.
Voyages features a new series of oil paintings that will transport viewers to fascinating realms teeming with organic forms that possess an eerie yet alluring iridescence.
Voyages functions as portals to different dimensions; bridges that deliver one to uncharted vistas which are enthralling and exhilarating. As one wanders through the meticulously rendered details, the pearlescent and rubicund surfaces, as well as the sinuous contours of these mesmerising shapes, one arrives at the conclusion that the deceptively small canvases are but gateways that beckon us on visual voyages to the undiscovered worlds lying beyond the boundary.
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