Vistas of the Mind: Paintings by Tong Chin Sye

In conjunction with Singapore Art Week 2021 and Bras Basah Complex Joint Art Week 2021, artcommune gallery is delighted to present Vistas of the Mind: Paintings by Tong Chin Sye. This latest solo exhibition by the 2nd-generation artist features around 20 works, including a series of nostalgic watercolours of Old Singapore dating between 1980s and 1990s. Also on showcase are his many fascinating portrayals of overseas landscapes and minority cultures in oil and mixed media. The works span from 1983 to current, and most are on exhibit for the first time.

Tong Chin Sye (b. 1939, Singapore) is a multi-media artist trained in both Western and Chinese art. He was previously a part-time lecturer in Western Art at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts and has participated in numerous local and overseas exhibitions over the years. He clinched the first prize in the Port of Singapore Authority Open Art Competition in 1987 and represented Singapore at the Flemish Watercolour Days held at Zaventen, Belgium in 1988.

An avid traveler, Tong Chin Sye has journeyed across continents in his painterly quest for new sights and cultural understanding. His landscape paintings feature various cities across Asia, Europe and Latin America. From a bustling town scene to a quiet backyard in a provincial village, from labourers by the seaside to indigenous folks engaged in casual routines, his paintings absorb us through the curious lens of a traveler who explores the life and customs of others through the graininess of everyday life. The assiduous combination of East-West techniques also reflects his multifaceted art training.


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