Vanessa Liem: For The Time Being Solo Show

Cuturi Gallery is proud to present For The Time Being featuring works by artist Vanessa Liem (b. 2002, Singapore). This marks Liem’s second solo show exhibiting a fresh body of work reflecting herself in variations of alien-like mortal figures in desolate spaces. Drawing parallels from her personal life, this series of highly figurative works are surrealistic depictions of the oppressive weight of existence, particularly hers.


Liem was always fond of altering human figures. Her fascination began when she started to experience fever dreams. She has found ways to exemplify those dreams through vivid and obscure visuals. In her previous exhibition, I Cried Bizarre, she formed human figures to resemble bright and shiny, slender mannequins focused on the external appearance. The plasticity of the bodies symbolised the emptiness within the characters. In contrast, the figures in For The Time Being are painted in a darker colour palette epitomizing a sombre state of being.


For The Time Being, present works that confront us with Liem’s visceral emotions. Upon seeking escapism by situating herself in familiar and unknown spaces, she questions how this coping mechanism might lead her in circles of psychological destruction.


Vanessa Liem’s For The Time Being will be on view at Cuturi Gallery from 18th June to 10th July 2022. Admission is free.

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