Tropical Happiness by Wayan Novi

Art Porters is proud to present Balinese artist Wayan Novi’s second solo exhibition at the gallery, ‘Tropical Happiness’.

‘Tropical Happiness’ poetically tells the story of Novi’s humble village life in his hometown Angseri, Bali. The hometown of the artist makes up the confines of the space he found comfort, love and joy in. From the mountainous sceneries of Angseri, the sanggah (family temple) where he prayed, to the simple traditional jug he used in the kitchen, Novi’s works reflect simple yet honest stories of contemporary rural existence, where family and community are of utmost importance. The works in this exhibition depict memories of the artist’s childhood, the daily lives of his family and in particular, the natural landscapes of Bali. Through these stories, Novi hopes to share the Indonesian culture, presenting a heritage that needs to be preserved.

Novi abstracts our universe through his meticulous pointillism, viewing our world as a single, all-encompassing dot. As we draw closer to it, we start to see even more dots that represent the billions of humans on earth. We are all unique and equally important, a collective of dots that make up the world.

‘Tropical Happiness’ runs until 8 August 2021.

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