Travelogue : A Solo Exhibition by Jieun Park

The discovery of Korean artist Jieun Park’s paintings are akin to discovering new cities and places.

At first glance, her abstract paintings may seem foreign. Yet upon further inspection, you start to experience the vibrance and uniqueness of each city portrayed in her artworks. Jieun Park’s own personal attachments to each city are evident in her paintings, described in the form of painted ink, which are instinctively spread or dropped onto her artwork.

“I love to travel. Traveling to me is an act that simultaneously brings different emotions such as excitement and loneliness. My works show different images of the places where I actually visited, so that I am allowed to express various emotions and the moments that I physically experienced through the journey.”

Jieun Park is an emerging South Korean artist who graduated with a degree in Fine Arts & Design Advertising from Konkuk University, Korea. Her works have been displayed in various art exhibitions and art fairs in Korea, Hong Kong, France, and Italy and now in Singapore.

“TRAVELOGUE” will be on display at REDSEA Gallery from the 24th January to the 25th February 2021, and open daily from 10 am to 9 pm.