Tint, Tone, Shade

We are pleased to present an exhibition of paintings and photographs by gallery artists exploring the expressive power and potential of colour.


Striking paper constructions by Detroit-based artist Neha Vedpathak (b. 1982, Pune, India), who employs vibrant rainbow hues to convey the fleeting, often imperceptible moment when we transition from one state of mind to another.

Photographs by London-based American artist and activist Karen Knorr (b. 1954, Frankfurt), whose brightly coloured images feature exotic animals fused into grand architectural settings.

New sculptural paintings by Robert Yasuda (b. 1940, Hawaii), known for his luminous multi-panel works on carved wood that transmit and transform light.

Luminous works on metal by New York artist Miya Ando (b. 1973, Los Angeles), who employs shades of dusty pink to capture atmospheric imagery of clouds at precise moments in time in the twilight hours of dusk.

New Waterfalls by Hiroshi Senju (b. 1958, Tokyo), whose newest work is saturated with bold, brilliant pigment, evoking the immense range of colour he sees in the natural world.

Opening reception 16th September 2023 from 2-4pm.

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