The Uncommon by Sue Gray

We are all human.

I celebrate and attempt to depict, the unique, gorgeous spark of humanity in everything and everyone.

Growing up in 1970s apartheid South Africa, inequality and oppression were indelibly woven into the fabric of my life. While I was fortunate to be born with white skin and enjoyed all the privileges that came with that, I saw how the majority of South Africans did not. This background forged my belief that every human has the right to shine, to experience self-fulfilment, to enjoy happiness, to love and be loved, and to thrive – regardless of their race, colour, age, religion or sexual orientation. 

With each new bottle I painted, a story began to emerge. For me, as an artist, they became an allegory for the human condition: like us, bottles come in all shapes, sizes, colours, materials, and content. The bottles are all painted with the same amount of care and reverence, on large-scale canvasses, signifying that, like humans, they are equal in their unique beauty and power, they are fragile as well and all are deserving of the same rights, respect and privilege.

Sue Gray