The Body as a Dream: A Singapore Story

Art Agenda, S.E.A. (AASEA) is pleased to present The Body as a Dream: A Singapore Art Story, a new thematic exhibition curated by Vivyan Yeo. Featuring works from ten modern and contemporary Singaporean artists spanning 1965 – the year of Singapore’s national independence – to pieces created contemporaneously, the exhibition traces depictions of the human body as a visual marker of perceived identity throughout time.

Our selection juxtaposes works from significant figures in modern Singapore art including Cheong Soo Pieng, Liu Kang, Ng Eng Teng and Teng Nee Cheong, with those from the presently emergent generation of contemporary practitioners Aisha Rosli, Faris Heizer, Lenne Chai, Ruben Pang, Yanyun Chen and Zulkhairi Zulkiflee. Depictions of the human body thread through the exhibits and the audience is invited to explore connections between the artists’ sensibilities and find a shift in generational concerns from Singapore’s post-independence era to the present times.