Terra Forms by Mulyana & Emmanuel Tolentino Santos

Art Porters presents Terra Forms, a duo exhibition featuring works by Indonesian artist Mulyana and Melbourne-based Filipino artist Emmanuel Tolentino Santos.

Our activities on earth carry real consequences that alter our environment, for the better or the worse. Mulyana’s vibrant, crocheted soft sculptures illustrate abstract ecosystems in which lifeforms may flourish. Emmanuels’ hand-coloured photographs portray a ‘shadow earth’ – our planet transformed to unfamiliarity by humanity’s incessant pursuit of progress.

The exhibition invites all of us to contemplate our daily activities, reminding us that our actions have the power to terraform our planet toward a sustainable future.

The exhibition is located at OCBC Bank, Wisma Atria Level 4.

Art Porters Gallery
64 Spottiswoode Park Road Singapore 088652
+65 91447468

Opening hours:

10:30AM - 7:00PM daily, Mondays by appointment

Closed on public holidays