Spatial Narratives

Spatial Narratives is a duo art exhibition featuring distinctive works by Lim Jia Qi and Zhang Fuming. Having shared a studio and working alongside each other for years, they have come together to explore and celebrate the nuanced beauty found in shared spaces of their everyday lives.

Both artists engage in representational art, fusing the essence of spaces with the tangible resonance of figurative art while delving into the intimate interplay between space, memory and artistic interpretation. Lim’s playful intricacies contrast with Zhang’s enhanced rough aesthetic, paying tribute to woodcut and revealing interconnected experiences within familiar environments.

Lim Jia Qi’s series transforms ordinary spaces with vibrant hues on carved woodblocks, fostering tangible connections and prompting reflections on their significance between viewers. Complementing her artworks, Zhang Fuming works with black and white woodcut prints capturing intriguing characters and objects, adding figurative depth to the exhibition’s narrative. These striking differences in subject matter, colour scheme and artistic approach are especially poignant in their combined works.