Same Same but Different by Jamie Tan

In Same Same but Different, Jamie Tan enters into a deeper relationship with his colour practice. The exhibition evokes critical contemplation whilst exploring several ideas; questioning if colour could be experienced similarly to time due to its relativity, and if it is possible to reinvent our contemporary perception of colour.

Colour is a matter of vibration, an infinity that results in a gamut of modulating tints. Can we ever truly identify colour? Established theories and systems such as the colour wheel determine ‘rules’; complementary colours pair well with one another. Do they really? Or do we perceive so because such thinking has been popularised? The use of different mediums and applications of colour add a whole dimension to the discourse of perception as well.

Tan believes in ‘learning the rules to break the rules’. Now well-versed in colour theories, the artist unlearns preconceived notions of colour by challenging its conventions, pushing the limits of colour possibilities and its endless outcomes.