In cities where the survival of the fittest obtains, man, ceaselessly caught up in their infernal rhythms, tends to become a machine. Akin to armies on the march, these civilizations, blinded by the singular necessity of endless production, crush everything in their path. A quest that makes us lose our identity and the traces of our past, to live only in the present as we rush headlong towards the future. But everywhere, hands reach forth and minds seek each other out in an attempt to learn to live for each other.
LOST IN SINGAPORE showcases a dog sitting in the midst of a ultramodern architecture as a symbol of life, and the contribution of Aurèle to tomorrow’s world — where Action again becomes sister to Dream in order to liberate the possibilities of new lives in each of us.

Aurèle Ricard is a French postindustrial visual artist. His “LostDog” is a trademark, his yellow, a colour of hope. Aurèle is the prototype of a generation of artists without any complexes or moods, driven by on-the-ground action more than just a simple artsy attitude, a way of being more than a way of showing. An engaged and committed artist, Aurèle’s LostDog is symbolic of the urgency and resistance to the plague of an era in which he cultivated his art. Aurèle has been developing, for more than twenty-five years, the same radical project of denouncing modern wanderings. Its goal: to mobilize present and future generations in the face of wars, epidemics, ecological catastrophes, political and media excesses, precariousness and exclusion, inequalities, and overconsumption. In Aurèle’s world, art is a true “mirror of modernity”, confronting reality and challenging it to be better.

Alliance Française is thrilled to present an exclusive showcase of 20 pieces by Aurèle Ricard aka LostDog, part of a private collection.

Free Admission

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