Liminal: Group Exhibition

Cuturi Gallery proudly presents Liminal a sculptural group show featuring seven exceptional artists: Hubert Le Gall (b.1961, France), Khairulddin Wahab (b.1990, Singapore), Lionel Sabatté (b.1975, France), Quentin Garel (b.1975, France), Steven Low (b.1966, Singapore), Sukhburen Narankhuu (b.1982, Mongolia) and Wayan Upadana (b.1983, Indonesia).

Liminal showcases a captivating exploration of artistic expression through sculptures in ceramic, bronze, wood, and concrete, created by these seven artists who transcend boundaries.

Khairulddin Wahab makes his debut in sculpture, continuing his narrative that often reinterprets tropical landscapes from a local perspective, rather than the western gaze. His piece, Cleave (2023) champions the figure of the everyday man, particularly those who worked the land under colonial times.

Lionel Sabatté is a world-renowned contemporary and multi-disciplinary artist whose work revolves around the notion of the living, often paying tribute to its temporary state. His sculptures hold forms resembling decaying and melting animal remains, inviting viewers to reflect on the human condition and its impact on the world. Sabatté’s distinctive sculpting style allows for a form of spatial awareness with the search for representation in each piece. His works are often defined as poetic, sensitive, and humane, yet unsettling, providing viewers access to other realms, showing layers of depth and allowing them to temporarily peer into his imagination.

Hubert Le Gall infuses sophistication and playfulness into his surrealistic pieces, challenging traditional boundaries of functionality. Cretan Bull Tealight Holder (2019) exemplifies this, blurring the lines between sculpture and décor.

Sukhburen Narankhuu’s ceramic sculptures narrate the strength and inner beauty of women, expressing depth and a touching quality. His creations embody the beauty of nature in a feminine manner, with exceptional softness, elegance, and simplicity. The five elements are integral to Sukhburen’s creative concept, as his ceramics sculptures are born from metal, wood, water, fire, and earth, with Mother Earth as the main source of inspiration.

Wayan Upadana draws inspiration from water, melting materials, and the juxtaposition between natural forms and found objects. His resin sculptures emphasize the fluidity and movement of melting and flowing liquid forms. Illusion (2023) relies on the artist’s intuition to shape a person’s face, presenting a visage according to his imagination.

Despite their distinct styles and cultural backgrounds, these artists’ poetic works merge together, rekindling enchantment in a world beyond reality.

Liminal invites viewers into a space of boundless imagination and artistic exploration. This exhibition will be on view at Cuturi Gallery from 24 February to 6 April 2024.

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