In Search of the Beyond: A Solo Exhibition by Gerald Tay

Haridas Contemporary is proud to present In Search of the Beyond, the much-anticipated second solo exhibition by Gerald Tay (b. 1992). In this series, Tay turns inwards and reflects on spiritual moments that have impressed on him.

The exhibition features eleven new paintings that begin with a digitally manipulated sketch of past works. Through a process of mirroring and repetition, Gerald evolves the source photos into a markedly different composition. This serves as a loose structure for the painting process which is guided by intuition.

Forms abstracted from temples and religious artefacts are embedded in these new paintings. They emerge as cell-like structures which are organised into irregular patterns that evoke pulsating rhythms. The resulting works possess a trance-like quality, that suggest the entry into a different mental state. In that sense, Gerald’s paintings are images that are held by the mind’s eye. They speak to the artist’s personal search for an inner truth and his connection to an inner world.