Hatch Art Project is pleased to present Indonesian artist Iabadiou Piko’s second solo exhibition with the gallery.

Piko’s Mind – Resistance explores the artists’ response to an inner turmoil and the act of painting as a catalyst to both express and offer respite. Reflecting on and translating this turmoil and restlessness, the artist has created characters, merging childhood superhero’s, which have been combined to embody the artist himself. Inspired by Black Kamen Riders and PAC-MAN, these recollections combine to provide motivation in combating an unrest which the artist has coined as “mind monsters”. The hero’s here within the artist’s interior world, are messengers of healing thoughts and action within precarious circumstance. Piko’s collaboration with this collective ill at ease and his electric colour palette, have created a series of visceral paintings which carve out his sincere purpose in finding harmony in this state of continual undefined motion.

I represent chaos with colour as medicine because these proportions of space and time can either be damaging or remedial” -Piko

The introspective paintings of Mind – Resistance provide proposition for us to collaborate with the same chance, imagination, and improvisation as the artist. To channel our own guardians, discovering the means of strength and deliverance.