I Cried Bizarre: Solo Exhibition by Vanessa Liem

I Cried Bizarre marks the debut solo presentation of Singaporean artist Vanessa Liem (b. 2002, Singapore). Working in the tradition of surrealism, Liem’s figurative paintings tackle the human condition towards conjuring up windows into real yet illusory worlds.


Introspective from the outset, Liem’s artistic practice is driven by a careful observation of her surrounding environment. She is particularly concerned with the prevalence of new media technologies, and references the lived experience of digital natives in navigating online identities and internet meme culture. Her works critically respond to these relevant narratives about humanity, where depictions of the human figure naturally serve as both entry and departure points for such urgent interrogation.

Cuturi Gallery
61 Aliwal Street Singapore 199937
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Tuesday to Saturday: 12 noon – 7 pm
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