Hereafter: A Youth-led Forum

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Saturday, 22 January 2022
3.00PM – 4.30PM SGT

How do we build a place that has seemingly been built beyond its edges? How can we make peace with Home, when the beauty of Home comes at the cost of someone else’s?

Join us in STPI’s very first youth-led forum as our homegrown activists and educators contemplate the complexities of land reclamation in Singapore, an issue central to our ongoing exhibition, Charles Lim Yi Yong: Staggered Observations of a Coast. This panel features Madhumitha Ardhanari, Senior Sustainability Strategist at Forum for the Future whose research focuses on sand extraction in Singapore; Ho Xiang Tian, co-founder of environmental group LepakinSG which educates and organises public survey on land development and environmental impact transparency; and Woo Qiyun, sustainability consultant and founder of social media platform The Weird and Wild, which educates on issues surrounding the climate crisis.

Together with moderator Tim Min Jie, an activist for environmental and disability justice, the panel will deliberate sand as a commodity, question the narratives and realities of reclamation and development, and explore how we may navigate through the impacts and anxieties they bring. Altogether, the panel invites us to ponder the look of “progress” for the hereafter.

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