From the Eclectic to Masterpieces: Home Escapades of Collectors #LivingWithArt

“From the Eclectic to Masterpieces: Home Escapades of Collectors” introduces the viewer to
the range of private art collecting in Singapore. From couples with an interest in regional art,
to Singaporeans rediscovering local artists and what drives them, discover the personal, the
eclectic and the intellectual among Singapore’s private collections.

The DUO Collection
24 Sept 2023, with two slots: 11 am to 12.30 pm, 2 to 3.30 pm
Capacity: 15 people per slot

The DUO collection was started with a focus on supporting emerging contemporary art
practices in Singapore and Southeast Asia. The driving inspiration behind the collection
stems from the belief that art impacts society at large as well as affects everyday life.

The Nassim Road collection
15 Sept 2023, 6 to 8 pm
Capacity: 12 people per slot

This private collection was lovingly put together by a British couple who have been resident
in Singapore for two decades, and who have been collecting art since they met over thirty
years ago. Their display of their collection reflects a concern for principles of design and
aesthetics, with a particular focus on female Southeast Asian artists.


The Cairnhill Circle collections
16 Sept, 10 am to 12.30 pm
Capacity: 24 people per slot

An apartment building on Cairnhill Circle, coincidentally, houses a pair of private art
collections built by two sets of young professionals. Come experience the breadth and
personal visions that built both collections in one visit.

The Joo Chiat collection
23 Sept 2023, 10 am
Capacity: 6 people per slot

This collection, housed in a shophouse along Joo Chiat Road, was built with a keen eye on
Asian art. Works by local artists represent a core component of the collection; when one of
the collectors returned to Singapore after a number of years abroad, he was inspired to begin
looking closely at what artists here were producing.

The Malcolm Road collection
Date/time: 1 Oct, 10am – Noon
Capacity: 12 people

Built by a pair of collectors hailing from Hong Kong who are interested in the visual language of
global contemporary art, especially the concerns of millennial artists, this collection is deeply
engaged with ideas derived from identity politics, psychoanalysis, and the passage of time.


In the interest of security and privacy, the addresses of collectors’ homes are not made public.
Interested parties may sign up for these tours using the Singapore Art Gallery Weekend Patron’s
Pass, a digital token. The location of the meeting point will be shared with attendees a day before
the tour, using contact details provided by attendees when purchasing the Patron’s Pass.

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