Echoes of My Sanctuary by Wu Kuan-Te & Chok Yue Zan

Art Porters proudly presents Echoes of My Sanctuary, a duo exhibition that brings together the inner worlds of Taiwanese artist Wu Kuan-Te and Malaysian artist Chok Yue Zan. Through a curated selection of works, these two artists delve into the depths of their inner sanctuaries, inviting viewers to reflect on the timeless themes of nature, memories and existence.

Wu Kuan-Te’s abstract and ethereal depictions of nature utilises his well-known “subtractive” oil painting method, which involves scraping paint off with organic objects. His immersive oil paintings meditate on the relationship between nature, spirituality and the interconnectedness of all things.

In contrast, Chok Yue Zan’s carved paintings use natural landscapes from Sabah as anecdotes, using the natural evaporation cycle as an analogy for memory-making. The artist contemplates the impermanence of one’s memories, overcoming the past, and looking towards the future.

View the exhibition at OCBC Bank, Wisma Atria Level 4.

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