Daydream: Hubert Le Gall Solo Exhibition

Cuturi Gallery proudly presents Daydream by French artist-designer, Hubert Le Gall (b.1961), featuring a selection of his works, including pieces created exclusively for Singapore. Le Gall’s timeless pieces challenge conventional functional boundaries, existing as “in-between objects” that straddle the line between sculpture and design, incorporating playful elements and surrealistic forms. The result is a collection of artworks that will transport the audience into a dream-like universe rich in storytelling.


Le Gall, who first started as a painter, creates sculptural works that are nuanced with historical influences and modern creativity. There are no limits to what inspires him: from Art Deco to Surrealism, Greek Mythology to Pop Art. Le Gall often states: ‘I get inspiration from the artworld with no pretence. Everything is, for me, an excuse to tell a story’.


Daydream is a demonstration of Le Gall’s love for artworks crafted with exceptional skill, collaborating with some of the best artisans in France through the use of traditional materials such as bronze, gilt, wood, porcelain and tapestry. The exhibition will present two major recent artworks by the artist: L’Éternel Printemps (2018) and the Pasiphaé (2022)L’Éternel Printemps, a 500kg bronze cabinet with intricate mechanical elements reminiscent of a watchmaker’s craftsmanship. Featuring a contorted horse tempted by a forbidden fruit, the work symbolises a modern interpretation of Paradise. The shape of the horse resembles a Japanese Netsuke, a small wooden sculpture from the 17th century. The Pasiphaé, made of bronze, with its body shaped as a bending bull is a creation that speaks of the Greek mythological tale of Pasiphaé and the Minotaur.


Another highlight of the exhibition is Chaos-crocodylus (2023), a sculpture that highlights Le Gall’s whimsical artistry. The suspended crocodile, splits in half, revealing a bouquet of porcelain flowers blooming from within, adding an element of surprise. The unexpected juxtaposition of the fierce and the delicate, invites viewers to contemplate the interplay between these contrasting elements. Often blending organic forms of flowers and animals, his works emulate the qualities of playfulness and imagination.


“I thought I was Geppetto, the furniture maker who created Pinocchio. I then realised that I had the wrong character: I was Pinocchio himself. Someone who tells not lies but dreams.”

–  Hubert Le Gall


Is Le Gall a sculptor, or is he a designer? He is neither one nor the other. He often cites that he is as much Geppetto as he is Pinocchio, referencing the Disney classic which inspired one of the latest creations being presented in the exhibition: The Pinocchio Bench: Art Is A Lie That Tells the Truth (2024). The three playful stools with broderie specifically created by the prestigious Atelier Lesage in Paris, are connected by a leafy branch representing Pinocchio’s nose. Detached from the stool one can see Pinocchio who cheekily hides his saw…


In the world of Hubert Le Gall, a mirage of themes and forms can be uncovered. Being surrounded by Le Gall’s creations is to engage in a continual intellectual discourse with one’s environment. There is constant dialogue that underscores the artist’s skill and the profound impact of his work on those who experience it.


Daydream will be on view at Cuturi Gallery from 27 April – 22 June 2024.

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