Choy Weng Yang: Colours of Emotions

The Columns Gallery Singapore presents a new collection of abstract paintings by accomplished visual artist, art educator, curator, writer; Choy Weng Yang (b 1930, Singapore). Choy’s dedication to artistic resulted in him attaining the position: Head of the Exhibition & Design at National Museum Art Gallery (NMAG). He later on became the Curator of Art in 1987. As curator, he had a significant role in shaping the National Museum Art Gallery and crafting graphic designs for various art exhibitions.

In this exhibition Colours of Emotions, we extend a heartfelt invitation to delve into a realm where colours transcend pigments on canvas. This solo exhibition continues his artistic legacy in highlighting the journey of his innovative paintings. This body of artworks entice a distinct field of communication, by the pairing of vibrant colours and dynamically energetic brushstrokes.

Choy Weng Yang’s creations are born from the very essence of color itself. With each stroke, he skillfully emphasizes not just the individual shades, but the dynamic interplay between them. In his world, colors cease to exist in isolation; instead, they reveal their true brilliance through their interactions.

“I try to capture a passing moment; I do not plan but instead rely on my impulses and the incidental.” – Choy

Highlighting some of his new works, Colour Symphony, a series of paintings that are inspired by the structure of a musical symphony, this series is composed of three interconnected movements, each flowing seamlessly into the next, enhancing spatial depth and intensity through layered colors.


Artist Talk – Tuesday 7 May, 2024


Choy Weng Yang | Speaker / Artist

Moon Jooye | Moderator / Art Director

Teng Jee Hum | Author / Artist

Jeffrey Say | Art Historian / Professor

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