Celebrate Gillman Barracks’ 10th Anniversary with an Art Day Out!

September 2022 – Ten years since the development of Gillman Barracks as an arts precinct,  the ten art galleries alongside the National Technological University Centre for Contemporary Art jointly invite you to celebrate its 10th anniversary with a host of exhibition openings, tours,  and other programmes on 24th September 2022.

A decade before, 13 galleries launched their maiden exhibitions in the area this time of the year,  signalling the launch of a new contemporary art cluster in Singapore. Identified by the Urban  Redevelopment Authority (URA) as a site for arts uses for the unique traits it possesses, the  Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB), JTC Corporation (JTC) and the National Arts  Council (NAC) jointly developed the site to be an international destination for contemporary art.

Now established as a distinctive destination where contemporary art meets colonial history  against the backdrop of nature in the surrounding secondary forest, Gillman Barracks continues  to position itself as an one-of-a-kind enclave in Singapore. Its presence as an arts precinct also  saw the rise of other arts clusters across the island, pointing to an increasingly vibrant arts  scene that has seen more galleries, museums, independent art spaces pop up over the years.

This milestone of the first ten years is a noteworthy effort by the various stakeholders, especially  in a land scarce nation with many other priorities to balance with. Thus the galleries would like  to commemorate this significant occasion with friends, old and new, in the best way that we  know – through art. Whether you are an art lover, art collector, artist, cultural worker, or just  curious about art, come join us on an Art Day Out with a wide variety of programmes presented  by the galleries (See Annex A for details). Party collective Ice Cream Sundays will also make  their return to Gillman Barracks with a special event at Block 9A from afternoon till night.