Bread Crumbs by Joshua Kane Gomes & Sarah Radzi

Richard Koh Fine Art (RKFA) is pleased to announce a duo exhibition by Joshua Kane Gomes (b.1993, Malaysia) and Sarah Radzi (b.1995, Malaysia) in Singapore. Titled, Bread Crumbs, the exhibition is slated to run from 14 – 29 January 2022 at Richard Koh Fine Art Singapore, Blk 47 Malan Road Singapore 109444 as part of Singapore Art Week 2022.

The forces of our memories are hard to predict. Some memories are delicate, tip-toeing in our minds furtively. Some are brute yet invisible gales of strong winds. And there are others that come abrupt and short-lived, like the flick of a matchstick. We carry and juggle the weight of our memories with varying efforts. Sometimes, we are fortunate enough to deliver an effective balancing act. Occasionally, something falls from our grasp and we lose our footing, struggling to get back up on our feet again.

As we cope with an assortment of memories, we have adapted as the hermit crab has. We learn to outgrow and manoeuvre our thoughts into new shells, particularly larger ones that fit and provide more breathing room. What then, becomes of our old shells? What do we leave behind when we move on? In Joshua Kane Gomes and Sarah Radzi’s duo exhibition Bread Crumbs, the artists commemorate notions of duplicate personas in response to lingering memory trails. Using installations and paintings as artistic devices for cocooned reflection and malignant vulnerability, Gomes and Radzi present a vivid palette of past and present recollections in an unspecified time of limbo.

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