Bottles by Sue Gray

‘Bottles’ is Singapore-based South African artist, Sue Gray’s, first solo exhibition. Holding a belief that beauty can be discovered even in the most unexpected places, here the shelves of a grocery store, Sue’s attention to beauty in the mundane is a reflection of her enthusiasm for objects, the process of collecting, and arrangement of things. Initially drawn to the nostalgia evoked by the bottle designs, her works capture their beauty with reverence and respect, showing deep appreciation for everyday items that have intertwined with our lives. Ever hopeful that the era of overconsumption and maximalism will cede to more mindful and intentional connections, Bottles aims to present an earnest defence of modest objects that have an innate beauty and function.

Sue’s hyper-realistic form stylistically echoes themes of quality, honesty and simplicity which are brought to life through an accurate reflection of colours, detailed brushwork and a meticulous eye, skills honed by the self-taught artist.

Enjoy also two concurrent exhibitions in the main gallery next door (64 Spottiswoode), including 白提山 (Bettina Schleier)’s ‘Licht,Liebe,Leben’.

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