Beauty and Order, A Solo Exhibition by Julie Zhu

An Ink & Color Sketch Exhibition

It is one of the laws of formal beauty in artistic creation. The law of “beauty of order” is discovered and refined by people from life. The growth of all things in nature changes in an orderly manner, such as the feathers of birds, leaves of plants, and the growth of flowers. The beauty of order is characterized by repetition, gradual change, and regularity. These characteristics constitute a strong aesthetic sense of order.

The beauty of order lies in the fact that people and things follow their own standards and maintain their nature. The beauty of order in nature is the most common. The petals are arranged in an orderly manner to form a blooming flower, and the veins are orderly and symmetrical. The spiral golden ratio adopted by humans is inspired by the orderly rotation inside the conch. From the visual order of “three courts and five eyes” of beauties to the stage order of the fire dance “Only This Green” in the Spring Festival Gala, from the spatial order of Chinese gardens to the order of symmetrical beauty in architecture, the beauty of order has a long history in traditional culture and continues to works.

Order is not deliberately fabricated, order is harmony, it is a naturally learned art, and the small differences are governed by the large harmony. Even if the harmony is different, the beauty is still shared.


秩序之美就在于人、事物遵循其本位,维持天性。自然界的秩序之美最为常见,花瓣有序排列成为绽放的花朵,叶脉有序间隔且对称,人类采用的螺旋式黄金比例灵感正是来源于海螺内部的有序旋转。从美人 ” 三庭五眼 ” 的视觉秩序到春晚大火舞蹈《只此青绿》的舞台秩序,从中国园林的空间秩序到建筑讲求对称美感的秩序,秩序之美在传统文化中由来已久,且持续作用着。

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