Aphrodite’s Discourse

JW PROJECTS is delighted to announce the new exhibition – “Aphrodite‘s Discourse” on September 16, 2023 (Saturday), with the opening reception held from 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM on the same day. Presented in conjunction with the Singapore Gallery Weekend, this exhibition showcases latest creations by London-based Swedish artist Frida Wannerberger and Shanghai-based Chinese artist Weijue Wang.

The exaggerated puffy-sleeve dress, intricate patterns, and the ethereal yet emotionally ambiguous young girl are highly recognizable elements in the works of the artist Frida Wannaberger. On the other hand, the exhibiting artist Weijue Wang uses felt with a velvety texture and lace to create a series of seemingly soft and alluring pieces that represent desire and femininity.

This exhibition will continue to inspire and captivate visitors until October 22, 2023, JW PROJECTS welcomes you to join us for the opening reception on September 16, 2023 (Saturday) 4 pm – 7 pm, with the presence of artists Weijue Wang and curator Weiyan Liu.