Anagard: Spray, Peace, Diversity Solo Show

Cuturi Gallery is proud to present Spray, Peace, Diversity by internationally renowned stencil artist Anagard (b. 1984, Indonesia). Residing in Yogyakarta, Indonesia as a professional street artist, Anagard brings bold and expressive works of street art into the walls of the gallery. Incorporating traditional patterns blended with his organic illustrative flair, he often champions his works with themes of peace, diversity, and equality.


Anagard is influenced by the culture of his surroundings, setting the context of his practice.  Mastering the skill of pencil drawing, it is the starting point of his works. Deeply inspired by the patterns of Javanese and Balinese tapestries, he meticulously creates and cuts out his sometimes monumental stencils. The carefully crafted stencil adorning many details and symbolisms is part of his signature.


Street art is often created with colourful, bright, and bold graphics, most of the time seen in public spaces alluding to political undertones or societal issues. On the other hand, it can be an artistic representation of one’s creative enthusiasm. Anagard’s works constitute both elements. By combining figurative art with a myriad of colours, it is his way of translating nature and the life surrounding him onto the canvas. Through formidable use of dynamic visuals, Anagard has made gallant efforts to be a tangible voice of peace and harmony.


Anagard has achieved local and international recognition by participating in several group shows including those in Indonesia, Malaysia, Belgium, and Australia. Currently, he has made remarkable accomplishments such as achieving the UOB Painting of the Year award in both Indonesia and South East Asia in 2019.


Spray, Peace, Diversity will be on view at Cuturi Gallery from 16th July to 7th August 2022. Tuesday to Saturday: 12 to 7 pm; Sunday: 12 to 6 pm. Admission is free.

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