AGAS Presents: Exclusive Studio Conversations

AGAS Presents: Exclusive Studio Conversations is a collaborative series that unveils the intimate relationship between artists and their representing galleries, providing a personal glimpse into an otherwise hidden process of a gallery’s role in supporting the professional development of the artists they represent. A first for AGAS, the series will see AGAS galleries coming together to present a cohesive roster of artist studio visits featuring a total of 21 artists, 16 of whom are Singaporeans, and their representing galleries.

Artists line up includes Ben Loong (Mizuma Gallery), Boo Sze Yang (artcommune gallery), Calvin Pang (Intersections), David Chan (Art Seasons Gallery), Genevieve Chua (STPI Gallery), Hélène Le Chatelier (Intersections), Jason Lim (Gajah Gallery), Joanne Pang (Yavuz Gallery), Leo Liu Xuan Qi (Art Seasons Gallery), Marc Nair (Intersections), Simon Wee (ArtBlue Studio), Speak Cryptic (Chan + Hori Contemporary), Sujak Rahman (T.H.E.O Arts Professionals), Tan Sock Fong (T.H.E.O. Arts Professionals), Tawan Wattuya (Hatch Art Project), Vanessa Liem (Cuturi Gallery), Wee Hong Ling & Ian De Souza (The Private Museum), Yanyun Chen (Art Porters Gallery), Zarina Muhammad (Yeo Workshop) and Zen Teh (Mizuma Gallery).

Ticketing information
Festival passes are priced at $80 each. Each festival pass allows ticket buyers to attend up to a maximum of 3 artists studio visits. Visits can be either physical or virtual. Limited tickets are available on sale from 30 April 2021.

Download the festival calendar here