A Trail to Chase

LOY Gallery is pleased to present “A Trail to Chase”, a specially curated exhibition of art and design works that transcends the boundaries of creativity, inspiring new ways of considering fresh intersections of collecting and function. Running from 12 April to 31 May 2024, the group exhibition consists of 29 multi-disciplinary works, bringing together a definitive selection of artists from across the globe in a stunning showcase of art and design.

“A Trail to Chase” invites visitors on an introspective expedition, encouraging them to uncover the narratives embedded in collectible design and functional art, and to reflect on the interconnectedness of our world through the medium of extraordinary creations. Curated by Ansha Jin, the exhibition represents not just a meeting of minds but a confluence of paths—each work a waypoint in a larger voyage of artistic exploration and craftsmanship. Artists featured in the show include Viktor Udzenija, Fernando Mastrangelo, J McDonald, REM Atelier, Brecht Wright Gander, Vincent Pocsik, Charlotte Kingsnorth, Jialun Cao, and Clotilde Ancarani.