A Grey Gap By David Chan


David Chan

It is natural to think that mixing vibrant hues will give you vibrant colours. In reality, that is true but only to a certain extent. Beyond the secondary colour palette – for example, mixing red and blue gives you purple – the addition of more pigments will inevitably dull the hue. If one continues to add even more colour, the eventual outcome is an indistinguishable grey. This condition is in essence analogous to the concept of The Grey Gap.

In recent years, the ease to access and create information has brought about the awakening of society as a whole. Unfortunately, this consciousness is unfettered and has brought about significant polarization and melancholia. This begs the question: have we absorbed too much and reflected too little? Like mixing a myriad of hues in a pot, the outcome is inevitably muddy and grey.

In Bias colours (2017), I was keen to use primary colours to explore the shared commonalities of humans as a species. In The Grey Gap, the use of colours will illustrate a different side of humanity, one that reflects the dilemmas and ironies of human behaviour. Despite such contradictions, maybe if we accept that human nature is inherently grey, we can celebrate our full range of dull and vibrant colours.

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