About Artwork

Yin Chua’s artistic expression draws profound inspiration from the spiritual discipline of meditation and her affinity for nature. The Singaporean artist aspires to be known as “the artist that paints peace”. Through her creations, Yin endeavors to disseminate the message of equanimity and self-love through her artistry.

Artist Profile

Yin has always dreamt of becoming an artist. It is only in mid 2016 that she decided to take the plunge to pursue her childhood dream — a career in art.

Growing up, societal norms and expectations of a traditional Asian family led Yin to choose a degree in Communications instead of an education in fine arts. During her years in Nanyang Technological University (NTU), she developed a passion in advertising and photography. To her, these are more economically viable options that allowed her to use her creativity. Five years after graduating, Yin founded Red Ink Communications, a design agency and Littlemissrabbit Photography. She loves what she does but the burning desire to create art never dims. A feeling akin to craving air. To Yin, art is like breathing.

In 2016, Yin finally made a gradual transition towards creating art. A major source of inspiration for her, both in life and art is the spiritual practice of meditation. She hopes to be able to ‘paint peace’ and bring a feeling of calmness or positivity to those viewing her paintings.


Yin Chua


Mixed Media on Canvas


61cm x 122cm