Binatang Liar (Wild Animals)

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Binatang Liar (Wild Animals)

About Artwork

Instead of trying to re-present the world and the living, Yunizar lets himself be emotionally lost in them by choosing a more abstract, intuitive, and impulsive world for his canvas. His stance on the world and life around him is not an academic or conceptual one. Rather than engaging his work in lofty concepts, Yunizar is interested in the mundane occurrences – such as animals – that we tend to take for granted. Using his cast of whimsical but endearing characters, Yunizar shows us the beauty but also the cheerful chaos of the everyday.



Artist Profile

Born in Talawi, West Sumatra, Yunizar earned his fine arts degree at the Indonesian Institute of Arts in Yogyakarta – a school of national pride in the heart of Indonesia’s artistic and cultural capital. During his studies, Yunizar co-founded an art group called the Kelompok Seni Rupa Jendela together with five other Minang students. Amid the socio-political art that flooded the Indonesian art world after the 1998 Reformation, which saw the fall of the Suharto regime, the KSR Jendela crucially avoided overtly political themes. Instead, the group acted as a sanctuary for the artists to exchange ideas, experiment with form and material, and hone their distinct artistic sensibilities.

What persists to fuel Yunizar’s practice is a deep-seated trust in his intuition, and a singular ability to see poetry and power in the ordinary. His works have garnered critical acclaim within Southeast Asia and across the globe. In 2007, he held a solo show at the National University of Singapore Museum (NUS), Singapore. His works are currently found in the collections of major art institutions, such as the Singapore Art Museum (SAM), the Long Museum in Shanghai, and the Benesse Art Collection in Japan. In 2021, he was the only Southeast Asian artist selected to participate in Frieze Sculpture, London.




Acrylic on Canvas


240 x 200 cm