Walking on the Beach

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Walking on the Beach

About Artwork

Detail of Walking on the Beach, 2023, Oil on canvas, 45 x 70cm


“Imaging is to become self-sufficient. It is a satisfying tool which can remove all the crimes. Dreams, imagines and imaginaries are reflections of our emotional world.”

For Berlin and London-based artist, Özer Toraman, oil painting is a medium that allows him to explore the limitless nature of human identities and the body. Many of Özer Toraman’s works are concerned with the imaginary and resist neat categorisations. His signature portraits present a reconsideration of gender binaries, where contour lines explore a singularity that falls outside of masculine and feminine labels.

Artist Profile

Berlin and Istanbul based Özer Toraman (b.1989) creates figurative paintings that tell stories of urban life, the body, human identity and gender. New paintings that represent personal avatars, couplings, and everyday social exchanges inspired by urban life. Together, they articulate limitless capacity to represent imagined states, memories, aspirations, and emotions.


Özer Toraman


Oil on canvas


45 x 70 cm