Untitled (Intense Black, Ultramarine Blue, Dioxazine Purple & Titanium White)

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Untitled (Intense Black, Ultramarine Blue, Dioxazine Purple & Titanium White)

About Artwork

Responding to the theme of S.E.A. Focus this year, hyper-horizon, the artwork investigates deeper shades of colours and their relationship with black and white. The painting highlights the climax of white that begin to drown out toward the edges of the canvas and is then juxtaposed with a split into two areas, where intense shades of black slowly melt away, revealing deep blues and purples which fades into a grey. The ‘new normal’ pushes everyone out from their comfort zone and into new territories. Experiencing something new may be daunting at first but it is also crucial for us to do so as we would be oblivious to what the results could have been, be it good or bad. The contrast between the use of black and white in the painting represents the uncertainty and mystery of what lies ahead, but once we venture into the darkness, we are often astounded by what it holds and carries within it as well.

Artist Profile

Drawn by the peculiar sensation of not being able to focus on any particular area within the surface of colours in her abstract works, Jamie Teo invites viewers to experience a different approach to seeing by meticulously blending colours to both create and investigate its movement and ambiguous outcomes. Her paintings embody a sense of tension that lingers between the stillness and phenomenal movement where colours begin to change the longer you look at them. Areas of unique, impulsive textured brushstrokes are built up from the rigid process of pushing thick accumulated paint back and forth. This juxtaposition from the smooth and flat gradient surface captures fleeting moments where colours merge and break apart from each other within an ever-changing field of stillness, evoking a visual interaction between the viewer and the work, seeing and experiencing an intangible in-between.


Jamie Teo


Oil on linen


H145 x W110 cm