Untitled 1-110
Untitled 1-110


Untitled 1-110

About Artwork

“Untitled 1-110”, the dark and light shadows are rendered to perfection. He even excludes details that were originally in the scene. On the one hand, in the pursuit of his subject, he gives the audience emotion. On the other hand, in unearthing the inner emotions behind his subjects, it is also through this process that Luo Qing finds the essence of physical manifestation of emotion, to the isolation. This gives the painting from the mere representation of concrete depiction of things to a personal experience.

Artist Profile

Luo Qing (1970)
Graduated from Beijing Central Academy of Fine Art, Luo Qing recent painting style became more impasto. He began to simplify his painting language expressly, and hence avoid many things, and at the same time, maintain and not lose a type of inertia. Among his recent work, the use of perspective, isolation of space, the confident, subtle loose rendering, the pleasant, direct visual communication, etc., see him experimenting with a bold painting language that goes hand in hand with his confidence in his art. In his paintings, the presentation of the scene is a strong model of the realities of society. However, what is presented gives a sense of light-heartedness set in a grave and heavy atmosphere. Perhaps Luo Qing is not pursuing an incredible visual impact but a clever and spiritual touch.


Luo Qing


Oil on Canvas


50 x 40 cm