Two Guys On Bicycles
Two Guys On Bicycles


Two Guys On Bicycles

Artist Profile

Yeo Tze Yang (1994)
Tze Yang's shaping of these life scenes shows a sense of beauty and elegance, obviously derived from his persistent pursuit of the formal language, painting. A self-taught painter, Tze Yang, is surprisingly very accomplished. The most impressive thing in his painting language is his use of brushwork – people and scenery is shaped with free and easy brushwork, free but finely controlled with an elegant sense of rhythm. Such brushwork, combined with subtle and comely colours, offers a calm and elegant formal aesthetic independent from the forms and situations depicted, showed his skilled artistic techniques. Tze Yang won the UOB Painting of the Year, Silver Award in 2016.


Yeo Tze Yang


Oil on Canvas


120 x 120 cm