Trust In the Flow

Mama on Palette

Trust In the Flow

About Artwork

Trust in the flow-2. Feel the serenity felt when one with nature especially listening in on the flow of the streams in the mountains and/or waves in the ocean. This piece reminds me that one should just go with the flow, place your trust in the flow and the rest follows.

Artist Profile

Chaitrali is a versatile and spontaneous artist based in Singapore. With abstracts and portraiture largely being her preferred genres, her artworks often express her continued wonderment of Mother Nature, and the delicacies of raw human emotions. She continually experiments with different mediums, and also uses an array of everyday objects and tools to create interesting effects and textures. Her repertoire also includes mixed media artworks, and sculptures, mainly using clay and wood. Her works are held in private collections in Singapore and internationally.


Chaitrali Bandekar


Mixed Media


60 x 90 cm