SONIC Imprint 5

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SONIC Imprint 5

About Artwork

Another path that the artist took in transferring the transient nature of sound toward the field of printmaking is through mediating between the actual hard-edged aesthetics of the sound-producing electronic circuits and printed hatchings that resonated with the artist’s own bodily rhythms. Arranged on paper, these works shift between relief and print while negotiating the dynamic between bodily processes and objects.

Artist Profile

As one of Singapore’s leading sound-media artists, Zulkifle Mahmod’s (b.1975, Singapore) interdisciplinary and experimental approach to sound media has expanded the sensory experience of the visual arts. Formally trained in sculpture, Zul has expanded his practice to include live sound performances and sculpted sounds, which are produced by his ready-made gadget-instruments or sound sculptures. His practice investigates the aural relationship between these instruments and the architecture of space, which he terms “sound constructions’ or “sound-scapes”. Focusing on the sculptural qualities of the everyday objects that surround us, his works encourage close listening and an appreciation for the sounds of our urban environments.

Combining his long-standing interest in the aural and the resources available to him at the Creative Workshop, Zul’s body of work created at STPI explores the visualisation of sounds through prints. Working through this thread of enquiry, the artist uses basic electronic circuitry that produces pure sinewave as a starting point to capture the essence of time.

Following this trajectory, Zul examines how sounds/memories can be captured and stored, used and discarded, amplified through layering and adding textures (with some being amplified more than others), and finally, how there is the final imprint and composition in our minds. Such an exploration teases out the idea of how through the process of storing sound/memories, new narratives can be “created” via this procedure.

ZUL has exhibited across the globe. His notable initiatives include an industrial-sound inspired soundtrack in conjunction with an Antoni Tapies exhibition at the Singapore Art Museum and winning Singapore Straits Time Life! Theatre Award 2010 for Best Sound Design (RPM by Kafai/


Zul Mahmod


Soft ground etching with chine-collé and sculptural wire elements on paper


43.5 x 43.5 cm