Sinar Cahaya Alam – Titik Pandang Series (Natural Light Beam – Points of View Series)

Gajah Gallery

Sinar Cahaya Alam – Titik Pandang Series (Natural Light Beam – Points of View Series)

About Artwork

Similar to a prism, Erizal’s work separates a ray of light into a spectrum of its constituent colours that we would otherwise not be able to see. The varied textures created by the thick impastos and coagulation of paint on Erizal’s canvas also allow light to reflect off them differently at each time. Through his fusion of lines, shapes and textures, Erizal adds movement, tactility and depth to the visual experience. Through the creation of dynamic and vibrant compositions, Erizal’s paintings become, in the artist’s own words, entities with their own wills

Artist Profile

Erizal As is renowned for his vibrant abstract paintings that break free from traditional representation. Painting directly on his canvases instead of premeditating a fixed image, he sees intuition and organic improvisation as crucial to his process. Moreover, experimenting with diverse artistic forms and the complexities between them has always been a mark of his oeuvre. Early in his career, one could detect recognisable figures in his paintings: fantastical animals in motion, human figures gracefully playing a musical instrument, for instance. But his instincts towards abstraction were already revealing themselves through his wild, gestural strokes and forms.

Trained at the Indonesian Institute of Fine Art, Erizal has held several solo and group exhibitions in Singapore and Indonesia, and consistently participates in esteemed art fairs across Southeast Asia. His past solo shows include Refiguring Portraiture at Gajah Gallery Singapore (2016) and Formless Existence at Gajah Gallery Singapore (2019).


Erizal As


Oil on Linen


198 x 198 cm