Sambar Deer

Mama on Palette

Sambar Deer

About Artwork

Waiting and watching Quieting of heart and mind To hear the silence that speaks Reward for the patient The magical moment occurs Dappled light and sure-footed deer, Moving across your path Blink and you would have missed it Too busy and you would have overlooked it

Artist Profile

Jillian Cheong is a self-taught Singaporean artist. She paints as a way of reflecting on and memorialising her lived experiences, personal meditations, and faith journey. This has manifested in artwork that shines a spotlight on seemingly-ordinary things, calling out their understated beauty in our everyday lives. She draws heavily on imagery from nature in her art, finding in its cycles a counterpart to our innermost lives. Jillian does mostly acrylic paintings but has recently expanded her repertoire to include fabric collage. She continues to experiment and stretch herself with her artworks in order to keep growing as an artist.


Cheong Jin Hui Jillian


Acrylic and fabric collage on canvas


60 x 90 cm